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_94746507_nhsdeficit Fix NHS funding shortfall, scrap nuclear follies, urges Green MEP
Responding to NHS accounts released today that reveal a funding shortfall of £900m for the first nine months of the [...]
iStock_000009955305XSmall2 #1DayWithoutUs: vital we celebrate the massive contribution migrants make to UK
Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, is supporting the #1DayWithoutUs actions across the UK (Monday, 20 February). He said: “Today, thousands [...]
mermaids-tears-plastic-nurdles-beach-620x347 Green MEP denounces Ministers’ pandering to industry lobbyists on plastic pollution
Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, has issued a stinging criticism of government Ministers as documents reveal the [...]
nhs It’s time to put our NHS before the Government’s nuclear folly, urges Green MEP
Responding to a study today linking 30,000 excess deaths to the Conservative government’s NHS and social care cuts and the [...]

About Keith

I am the Green Party Member of the European Parliament for the South East region. I became an MEP following the election of former MEP Caroline Lucas to the UK Parliament.

I spent the previous 11 years as a city councillor in Brighton, striving for improvements in the everyday quality of life for local people. As an MEP I serve the whole of the South East and am dedicated to fighting for social justice, peace and human rights, improved animal protection – and for a greener and more sustainable economy.

Food & Farming Peace & Anti Nuclear
Human Rights International Trade & Development
Transport & Aviation Animal Rights
Environment & Health Green Economics

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