Cuadrilla begins drilling in Balcombe

Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for the South East, has responded to Cuadrilla’s commencement of drilling in Balcombe.

He said:

“Despite massive community opposition Cuadrilla has begun exploratory drilling in Balcombe.

Though the drilling may have begun the protests over the last few weeks have shown that companies like Cuadrilla are going to face huge opposition to their attempts to carve up our countryside.

If Cuadrilla find the right conditions then it’s extremely likely that they’ll try and bring fracking to Balcombe. But the protests of the last few weeks has shown that the community in Balcombe is going to fight fracking every step of the way.

These protests won’t just be contained to Sussex. This huge opposition to extreme energy will, without doubt, spread across the UK and challenge any attempts to bring fracking to the British countryside.”


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