Keith calls on Sainsbury’s to stop supporting businesses in occupied Palestine

Keith is supporting a campaign which calls on Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets to end all trade with companies operating in and exporting from the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land is illegal under international law and a violation of human rights. Under occupation, Palestinians have been subject to the destruction of their houses and land, the building of settlements for the use of Israeli citizens, and exploitation of their natural resources.

In 2012, the Co-operative group announced their decision to end trade with suppliers of produce sourced in the settlements. This has been the inspiration for this campaign, which encourages other supermarkets to do the same, and to uphold the values of fair trade and corporate and social responsibility.

Keith said:

I’m supporting this important campaign because the occupation of Palestine is illegal, and is an abuse of fundamental human rights. Companies that operate in and export from illegal settlements profit directly from these violations. Supermarkets who provide business to these companies therefore become complicit in these violations.

Supermarkets rely on the trust of their customers, and I believe that the continued support for economic activities in the illegal settlements threatens the reputation that supermarkets so strongly rely on. I therefore urge Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s to face up to this and end all further support of these activities.

The UK Government recently published guidelines for businesses involved with Israeli settlements, which warns of the legal and economic risks of doing business in settlements not recognised as a legitimate part of Israel’s territory.

The European Union has also recently launched its own rules on funding to occupied territories, which aim to ensure that funding allocations are not in conflict with international law.



Statement addressed to J. Sainsburys Plc: