Keith demands urgent EU action on Malta’s ‘bird massacre’

A group of MEP’s has written to the European Commissioner demanding urgent action on the ‘bird massacre’ taking place in Malta.

With marksmen in Malta shooting thousands of birds this season, and EU officials stating that court action to stop the killing could take up to five years, MEPs are demanding that the Commission take new legal action against the country.

Keith Taylor, a Green MEP for South East England and a member of the European Parliament’s Animal Welfare Intergroup, said:

“The time for talking is now over. With thousands of migratory birds being shot out of the sky, and Maltese officials clearly failing to take the EU seriously, its time for the Commission to step in and stop this dreadful cruelty.”

Malta has an exemption from the European Bird Directive, which allows the practise of shooting birds in Spring to take place every year.

The letter to the European Commission, which was written by Bird Life Malta and signed by MEPs from across the political spectrum, states:

“In view of the abundant evidence presented to the European Commission about the systemic failures in the application of the derogation, we, the undersigned, consider this to be wholly unsatisfactory state of affairs and we request that you reconsider your position about opening new infringement cases against Malta forthwith.”


1) The letter written to Commisioner Potocnik is here: