Keith Taylor MEP’s response to Theresa May’s vision of an extreme Brexit


What is Keith’s view on Brexit?

Keith passionately campaigned for a Remain vote in the EU referendum, outlining how our membership of the EU has made us greener, stronger and safer, and felt a profound sense of disappointment at the result.

The Prime Minister has now outlined the Government’s plan for the most extreme Brexit imaginable. The Conservatives are colluding with the far right, with the justification of a slim referendum majority, to hurl Britain towards a dystopian future for which most people did not vote.

As a Green, Keith will resist any attempt to slash our state through corporate tax cuts or race to the bottom on regulations, he will work to safeguard our hard-won employment rights and environmental protections, he will push to maintain the closest ties possible with the European Union, defend the principle of free movement and our membership of the single market and customs union, and fight for the right of the British people to have their say on the final Brexit deal.

What is Keith’s plan following the vote?

Work to heal divided communities

The unedifying EU referendum campaign left painful divisions in our communities that must be healed.

The Leave campaign built a powerful narrative to account for the difficulties many people in Britain face today, but Leave voters need to acknowledge that the EU is not the cause of all their problems. Insecure jobs, insecure and insufficient housing, an NHS engulfed by crisis and massive cuts to our public services are the result of years of austerity and government policy, not our membership of the EU.

Remain voters should understand that the EU is far from perfect and in need of radical democratic reform. Greens have always believed another Europe is possible and continue to campaign for reform of the EU’s institutions.

What must surely unite both Leave and Remain campaigners is the desire to fix our broken democracy – Keith supports electoral reform – a fair and proportional voting system so that every vote counts as it did in the referendum.

Work to hold the Government to account

Theresa May was installed as Prime Minister by her party, not by the country. She is pushing an extreme Brexit strategy – without the mandate to do so – that is putting our jobs, rights and environmental protections at risk.

Keith will work with his Green MEP colleagues to not only hold Theresa May and the Government to account, but also the Vote Leave campaign for the false claims made during the referendum campaign.

It becomes clearer every day that much of what was promised by the Leave side simply cannot be made real, as is being well documented by Vote Leave Watch. Keith’s colleague Molly Scott Cato MEP recently became a patron of this cross-party campaign which aims to hold the Vote Leave campaign to account for the claims made during the referendum campaign.

Keith does not support the triggering of Article 50 – the formal process for the UK to leave the EU – without a specific guarantee that the public will be given an opportunity to have their say on the shape of any Brexit deal.

Work to ensure we can all have a say over our shared future

The Brexit process has to be inclusive and enable people to have a real say over their own future.

Once the Government has managed to negotiate a deal with our European neighbours, the British people must be given a say on their own destiny.

For this reason, Keith supports a further referendum on the terms of the deal agreed between the UK and the EU, providing an opportunity for people to accept or reject this deal.