Kent non-urgent operations ban is shameful, says Green MEP

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for Kent, has slammed the Government over the NHS underfunding crisis as West Kent clinical commissioning group announces ban on non-urgent operations.

Keith, a member of the European Parliament’s Public Health committee, said:

“This is the shameful, but entirely predictable consequence of an ideologically driven Government policy to defund, undermine, and, ultimately, dismantle our NHS.”

“The Tories prove time and time again that they are the biggest threat to Britain’s beloved NHS. The government of Brexiteers Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, and David Davis, who were promising an extra £350m a week for our health services should we vote to leave the EU, are overseeing cuts that are having a profound effect on the people of Kent’s access to healthcare.”

“With a demoralised, woefully under-resourced workforce, a ‘7-day plan’ exposed as a cynical ploy to open up services to further privatisation, and an incompetent Health Secretary in charge of bankrupting our proudest public service; it is clearer than ever that this government cannot be trusted with the NHS.”

“To have any hope of restoring a well-funded and truly public health service, politicians must come together to support the cross-party NHS Reinstatement Bill.”