Green MEP welcomes Kent plumber’s court battle victory

Keith Taylor, MEP for the South East, has welcomed the Court of Appeal ruling to uphold Kent plumber Gary Smith’s basic rights as a worker.

The Green MEP argued that the case highlights the importance of EU-protected employment rights for British workers.

Mr. Taylor said:

“This is a welcome ruling. The Court of Appeal upheld Mr. Smith’s basic, EU-protected employment rights. The decision is the latest to back hard-working British people employed in the so-called ‘gig economy’ – and rightly so. No company should expect to profit from denying its workers their basic rights to a minimum wage, paid holidays and protection from discrimination in the workplace.”

“Basic workers’ rights are enshrined in EU law and are among a raft of legislation protecting the everyday rights of British people threatened by Theresa May’s plans for an extreme Brexit. We have seen, with the Trade Union Act, that the Prime Minister leads a Government that treats workers with disdain; an extreme Brexit would give the Conservatives the opportunity to quickly, and quietly, repeal a range of employment protections.”

“The best way to safeguard workers’ rights post-Brexit is to ensure Britain remains a member of the Single Market, guaranteeing its employment laws apply to British workers. As Greens, we will continue fighting unfair working practices and resist an extreme Brexit.”