Bregret is why the people must not be locked out of the Brexit process, warns Green MEP

Responding to the results of the ‘Brexit Survey’ commissioned by Trinity Mirror, which reveal that more than 10% of South East Leave voters would now switch their vote to Remain while the majority of people across the country would now like to see the UK remain a member of the European Union, Keith Taylor MEP said:

“These figures confirm what many of us have long suspected; support for the UK leaving the EU is on the wane. Which is hardly surprising. The whole process has been hijacked by the extreme right-wing fringes of a Tory government determined to lead Britain towards the cliff edge of an extreme Brexit. People didn’t vote for their weekly shop to be more expensive, as we see with today’s latest inflation increase, to lose free trade with our European neighbours or to turn our country into Europe’s biggest tax haven.”

The Green MEP, who is a plaintiff in the so-called ‘Dublin Case’¬†which is seeking clarification on whether Article 50, once triggered, can be revoked by the UK, argued that the findings support calls for a referendum on the terms of any final Brexit deal.

Keith said:

“As Greens, we are clear on the need for a ratification referendum at the end of the two-year Article 50 process. The EU referendum should have been the start of a democratic process, not the end. The people must have the final say on the deal negotiated on their behalf. And these figures only strengthen that case. It is what I am fighting for as a plaintiff in the so-called ‘Dublin Case’.”

“People are beginning to understand the full implications of leaving the EU and realising, as this survey reveals, that it doesn’t look at all good. If ‘taking back control’ means anything, it should mean that we have a right to think again and change our minds when we see what Brexit really means as opposed to what we were told it meant during the referendum.”