Keith Taylor MEP welcomes recent decisions by the European Parliament advancing LGBTIQA+ rights

Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for the South East, is welcoming recent decisions by the European Parliament advancing LGBTIQA+ rights.

In December 2016, the European Parliament adopted a new comprehensive report on fundamental rights in the EU.

Prior to being adopted, the report had been successfully amended by Green MEPs to say that transgender people must not be considered mentally ill and encourage the Commission to continue working closely with the World Health Organisation to ensure that the upcoming International Classification of Diseases (ICD) will no longer consider them as such.

In addition, the report called for action to combat homophobic and transphobic hate crime as well as action on non-discrimination, free movement between European countries, including for same-sex couples and their children, and access to employment, goods and services.

Following on from this, in February, the European Parliament adopted a report demanding the automatic recognition of domestic adoption orders across all EU countries without discrimination, including on the basis of the parents’ sexual orientation.

This report highlighted the legal risks currently encountered by adopted children and their LGBTIQA+ parents when they move between European countries.

In a resolution adopted by the European Parliament in January, growing intolerance towards LGBTIQA+ people in Indonesia was strongly condemned and the government was called on to refrain from further restricting the rights of LGBTIQA+ people and ensure their right to freedom of expression and assembly is guaranteed.

During 2016, LGBTIQA+ people in Indonesia faced unprecedented hate speech, including from government officials, who threatened to ban LGBTIQA+ organisations and criminalise homosexuality.

Keith Taylor, a member of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBTI rights, said:

“The EU has a long history of working with and for the LGBTIQA+ community. These most recent decisions by the European Parliament show the vital role the EU continues to play in safeguarding and advancing human rights both within Europe and on a global level.

In January, the European Parliament sent a strong message to Indonesia: human rights are universal. Discrimination, hate speech and violence against LGBTIQA+ people must be rejected outright.

In February, it made clear that national legislation within Europe must be updated to ensure that LGBTIQA+ families are able to move freely between European countries without fear of discrimination.

We have an obligation to create fair, equal and tolerant societies. Working with our neighbours in the EU, we have the best chance of winning the global fights for equality.

As part of the European Parliament’s LGBTI Rights Intergroup, I will continue working for a world free of homophobic and transphobic prejudice, whilst not forgetting the continued discrimination faced by many.”