Green MEP to continue ‘fighting hard Brexit’ as negotiations begin

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, has reiterated the Greens commitment to fighting for the closest possible relationship with the EU, as Brexit negotiations begin in earnest.

Greens have consistently called for a ratification referendum to offer voters a chance to have the final say on any Brexit deal – with remaining in the EU an option.

Green MEPs are also fighting for five so-called ‘Green Guarantees‘ during the Brexit negotiations.

On the Environment, Greens want a guarantee that important EU environmental laws safeguarding the UK’s air and water, protecting animals and wildlife, supporting Britain’s food and farming sectors and governing our renewable energy targets will be maintained or strengthened. Greens are also calling for a new Environmental Protection Act and Clean Air Act.

On Free Movement, Greens want urgent assurance that EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU will have their rights upheld. Greens also call on the UK Government to uphold its moral duties towards refugees in the face of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

On Young People, Greens want a guarantee that young people will continue to enjoy the freedom to travel, study, and work across Europe and have access to EU-funded schemes such as Erasmus.

On Tax and Trade, Greens want assurances that the UK will not engage in a race to the bottom on tax rates, workers’ rights or consumer protections. Greens also want a guarantee that the government will not sign the UK up to toxic trade deals that hand power to multinational corporations or threaten the NHS.

On Democracy, Greens are demanding electoral and constitutional reform. They want a fair proportional election system, reform of the undemocratic House of Lords, and a written constitution.

Ahead of talks starting, Keith Taylor, a member of the European Parliament’s Environment and Transport Committees, said:

“Despite being promised strong and stable leadership, what we have is a weak and wobbly coalition of cruelty that has no mandate to lead Britain into the most important political process in a generation.”

“Brexit is being negotiated by a caretaker Prime Minister. Theresa May’s plea for a mandate for an extreme Brexit was roundly rejected at the ballot box. It’s very unlikely she’ll see out the year as PM, let alone the entirety of the negotiating period. ‘Brexit shambles’ has never seemed so apt.”

“As Greens, we are united and renewed in our fight against a hard Brexit that will sacrifice the UK’s economy on the altar of ending free movement. We’re pushing for a number of ‘Green Guarantees’ that will prevent Britain becoming the ultimate loser in a global race to the bottom on everything from environmental regulations to workers’ rights.”

“The majority of the British people do not support the minority Conservative government. And they deserve better. We need to see a plan – and we need a representative electoral system. Brexit should be a democratic process, it is unacceptable that those in charge would decide to shut the people out. As Greens, we believe voters should have the final say on the Brexit deal, once it is clear what the outcome of the negotiations is – and we’re clear that remaining in the EU must be an option.”