Green MEP responds to first shipment of US fracked gas in Kent

Reacting to the first shipment of US fracked gas, which arrived into the Isle of Grain in Kent this weekend, Keith Taylor, Green MEP for Kent and a member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, said:

“It’s a sad day for Kent, the UK, the US and the planet. Fracking is not just an issue in Britain, in the US, where it’s more widespread, communities have been devastated by the controversial and destructive unconventional extraction process. I visited Pennsylvania, where hundreds of families have been left without access to a clean water supply, to see first-hand the shocking ecological damage done by fracking.”

“Meanwhile, renewable energy is tumbling in price, it’s also an industry that has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the UK. It’s clear instead of importing oil and gas the Government needs to support our homegrown renewables industry and work with our European neighbours to create an integrated clean energy network.”

“Ultimately, The scientific consensus on climate change has never been greater. It is clear that the best chance we have of averting catastrophe is by keeping fossil fuel reserves in the ground – in the UK, in the US and across the world. Fracking, in particular, is a dangerous and deeply unpopular method of fossil fuel extraction that has a profoundly negative impact on communities and the environment. By importing the gas from the US, we might not see the damage done to the communities and environment from which it is extracted, but we should be under no illusions that we are adding to it.”