Disturbing footage leads to renewed call for fracking policing review

Responding to the ‘disturbing’ footage sent to the Green MEP from protesters at the Preston New Road fracking site in Lancashire, Keith Taylor has renewed his call for an urgent review of policing guidance for oil and gas drilling protests.

The vocal anti-drilling campaigner, member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee and European Chair of the Climate Parliament, said:

“The footage sent from campaigners at the Preston New Road site, which seems to show a protester being deliberately knocked down by a van leaving the Cuadrilla-operated fracking site is extremely disturbing. There can be no excuse for what would appear to be assault with a deadly weapon. Lancashire Police must assess the video and investigate the incident without delay.”

“Just last week, I called on the National Police Chiefs Council to urgently review the guidance issued to Police officers attending fracking protests amidst an increase in reports of the use of excessive force and violence against apparently peaceful protesters by Police and private security forces. After this latest footage, I want to renew my call and insist this is a matter of the utmost importance.”

“It’s worth remembering that, in the UK, police forces work on the fundamental principle of consent. If residents and protesters fear that officers are working solely to protect the interests of the oil and gas industry, not them and their democratic right to protest, then there is no consent  – and trust must be repaired.”