Support for fracking slumps, authoritarian crackdown on opposition isn’t working – Green MEP

Responding to the latest Government survey revealing support for fracking across the UK population has slumped to a new record low, while public opposition remains at a record high, Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East and a vocal anti-drilling campaigner, said:

“With authoritarian injunctions against protesters, the overturning of local democracy, increasing reports of heavy handed policing and even accusations of collusion between police and fracking firms, the Tories and their friends in the industry are looking increasingly desperate in their attempts to impose fracking on a population that is, as today’s survey reveals, loudly and resolutely saying no.”

“Though the British Government has a love affair with fracking, Ministers and lobbyists have failed to persuade the public of the benefits of shale gas drilling. People’s legitimate concerns just aren’t going away – and their chief concern is the destructive environmental and climate impact of fracking.”

“The scientific consensus on climate change has never been greater. It is clear that the best chance we have of averting catastrophe is by keeping fossil fuel reserves in the ground. But not only is fracking a dangerous method of fossil fuel extraction, it is also a deeply unpopular one that has profound and acute impacts on local communities. It’s little wonder public opposition has never been higher while support hits record lows.”

“It’s shocking that in the face of growing public opposition, political pressure is being brought to bear on police forces to act as the legal enforcers in a debate the Government is losing.”

“An authoritarian crack down on British citizens’ rights to protest will not squash fracking opposition. I and my Green colleagues will continue to stand up for and alongside local communities, activists and protesters across the UK.”