With renewables price drop, Broadford Bridge approval is particularly disheartening – Keith Taylor MEP

Commenting on the news that the West Sussex County Council has granted Kimmeridge Oil and Gas Ltd permission to extend its operations at the oil drilling site Broadford Bridge in Billingshurst, Keith Taylor MEP said:

“It’s utterly disheartening to see this permission for so-called unconventional fossil fuel extraction waved through against the wishes of local residents – who continue to loudly and resolutely say no.”

“What we have at Broadford Bridge is a proposal for a type of so-called acid-fracking – where hydrochloric acid is pumped into the ground to ‘stimulate’ the Kimmeridge limestone in the hopes of releasing oil. It’s a process not covered by the application councillors have today voted to extend.”

“Ultimately, even if the operation wasn’t so acutely dangerous and amounted only to ‘conventional’ oil extraction, the truth is that we must keep fossil fuels in the ground to have any hope of keeping global warming within to the 2-degree limit set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.”

“Today’s decision to approve this damaging application not only flies in the face of local public opinion but poses a serious threat to the environment and public health. As renewable energy in Britain continues to fall in price, it is clearer and more urgent than ever that we must reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.”