Keith Taylor MEP: ‘Fracking bribes won’t solve catastrophic climate change’

In response to the Government’s announcement that communities near fracking sites will receive ‘blood money’ payouts from the ‘Shale Wealth Fund’, Keith Taylor, MEP for the South East, said:

“The Government has recently admitted both that Britain is on course to miss its climate targets and that fracking is wholly unnecessary. Ministers pushing to fast-track fracking are doing so because they’re invested in the industry, literally and ideologically. But, with just 13% of British people supporting fracking and 82% backing renewables, it’s clear they have resorted to bribery at its most blatant.”

“To add insult to injury, the Government has the temerity to claim the ‘wealth fund’ will ’empower’ the very communities who have had their local democratic opposition to fracking ridden roughshod over. Kickbacks won’t keep catastrophic climate change at bay and nor will they succeed in dividing and conquering communities united in their opposition to this environmentally destructive and dangerous process.”

“If the Tories were serious about financing community projects they would ditch their ideological attachment to a failed austerity project and take urgent action on a tax avoidance crisis that costs taxpayers’ around £11 billion a year.”