Green MEP offers his support to Horse Hill anti-drilling campaigners occupying the Surrey site

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, has sent a message of solidarity to the campaigners who moved on to the Horse Hill drilling site in Surrey on Thursday morning.

Mr Taylor, a member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee and the European Chair of the Climate Parliament, said:

“I want to offer my solidarity and sincerest thanks to the Horse Hill Protectors who are currently occupying the Gatwick Gusher drill site in Surrey. The dedicated campaigners have put their lives on hold to fight against climate-destructive and dangerous unconventional drilling. And they are not only fighting to protect against the industrialisation of the Surrey Hills Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty – they are fighting against the climate breakdown.”

“Whether the protesters’ action lasts five hours, five days, or five weeks, they are making a stand against the exploitation of our resources and for the protection of both people and planet for years to come. They deserve our admiration and gratitude.”

“Ministers’ commitment to an unconventional oil and gas rush across the UK is entirely ideologically driven. It’s a commitment that will ensure the UK fails to meet it’s legally-binding climate change targets under the Climate Change Act and Paris Agreement.”

“The scientific consensus on the climate breakdown has never been greater. The best chance we have of averting climate catastrophe is by keeping fossil fuel reserves in the ground. Instead of investing, quite literally in too many cases, in the dirty oil and gas industry, Ministers must take heed of the overwhelming public support for renewables and build a clean energy future.”