New report shows fracking has no place in a 25-year environment plan for Britain – Green MEP

Green MEP for the South East and vocal anti-fracking campaigner Keith Taylor has slammed Theresa May’s policy-free 25 Year Environment Plan.

The plan, launched on the same day as a report by NASA revealed the fossil fuel industry is driving the rise in global methane emissions, has been much-delayed and neglects to mention the Government’s support for fracking in England.

Mr Taylor, a member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, said:

“In launching the Government’s new plan, Theresa May rightly identified the scourge of plastic pollution as one of the most urgent problems facing Britain and the planet. It is just a huge disappointment that the 25 Year Environmental Plan doesn’t actually offer any concrete policies to tackle the issue. It also ignores the fact that plastic pollution is just one of the urgent and interconnected environmental challenges Britain faces in the next 25 years.”

“That Theresa May failed to mention the Government’s £6bn a year support for the fossil fuel industry in her plan is probably no coincidence, coming as it does on the same day a report by NASA reveals the huge scale of climate destruction done by the oil and gas industry.”

“The report identifies the fossil fuel industry, particularly fracking, as the single largest driver of rising in methane levels in our atmosphere. It’s worth noting that methane has more than 80 times the climate change impact of carbon dioxide emissions. The findings put Theresa May’s support for fracking – which the Government wants to see fast-tracked across England – completely at odds with her green promises. Theresa May might claim the Tories are environmental world-leaders but, with Scotland’s fracking ban in place, they’re not even leading in the UK.”

“The reality is we have a Tory Government that happily supports airport expansion, a countryside-destructive roadbuilding programme straight from the last century, the destruction of thousands of protected badgers, and has been dragged through the courts kicking and screaming several times over its failure to comply with vital EU air pollution limits. No amount of warm words on the scourge of plastic pollution will greenwash that fact.”

“Talking of greenwashing, one of the few policies the Prime Minister did announce is the welcome extension of a hugely successful bag charge which has eliminated 85% of plastic carrier use in Britain. What Theresa May kept quiet, though, is the fact that the Tories were obliged to bring the charge in to fulfil an EU directive on plastic pollution that was designed by the Greens in the European Parliament.”