Green MEP and Animals Spokesperson: Car industry animal fume testing cannot be condemned strongly enough

Responding to the news that the firms behind Dieselgate have been allegedly forcing human and primate subjects to inhale toxic diesel fumes, Keith Taylor MEP, a member of the European Parliament’s Environment and Public Health and Transport Committees and the Green Party’s Animals Spokesperson, said:

“Just when you thought the car industry couldn’t be any more reprehensible when it comes to toxic air pollution, we have today’s revelations. That primates and humans have allegedly been forced to inhale the diesel fumes several scientific studies have already proven to be toxic is beyond belief, not to say extremely cruel and unnecessary.”

“At a time when manufacturers should have been investigating cleaner vehicle technology, they appear to have been, instead, inflicting their toxic vehicles on unwitting primates in an inhumane series of clandestine animal tests. These tests cannot be condemned strongly enough, action must be taken swiftly and sharply against firms that have shown repeated and blatant disregard for both the health and sanctity of life of humans and animals alike.”

“In the UK, the response from the Government to Dieselgate has been muted and ineffectual, a lack of decisive action in light of today’s news will only serve to prove just how close the relationship between the UK Government and the motoring industry is. In a striking contrast, there has been not only successful legal action in the US but also a hefty multi-billion dollar bill handed down to those firms, like VW, responsible for the Dieselgate scandal.”

“The evidence of a far too cosy relationship in the UK is already clear, with the car industry welcoming the Government’s completely inadequate ‘air quality plan’ that fails to ask manufacturers to play their part in cleaning up our toxic air. The weak plan also gives the car industry until 2040 to phase out dirty petrol and diesel cars that are already linked to the deaths of 50,000 British citizens every year.”

“With the UK back in the dock over its repeated failure to take action on air pollution, now is the time for Theresa May and Michael Gove to step up and uphold their moral and legal duty, under EU law, to protect the health and well-being of the British people. That must mean taking urgent action against manufactures implicated in these latest revelations – if proven to be accurate.”