Green MEP responds to ‘humiliating’ leaked Brexit impact study

Responding to the leaked Government Brexit impact study, Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, said:

“So the Brexit impact studies, about the existence of which the Brexit Secretary David Davis has repeatedly and knowingly lied, have leaked and it has become patently clear why the Government never intended to share the findings with the public – they are humiliating.”

“The Government has finally confirmed that every independent expert was right, despite Ministers trying to rubbish their findings. Under every possible post-Brexit scenario, the Government has calculated that the UK will be worse off, in the long and short-term. The most-damaging revelation for the swivel-eyed Brextremists in Theresa May’s divided cabinet is that the ‘no deal’ Brexit the Tories are blindly driving Britain towards is the most economically ruinous of all.”

“While former Tory Ministers are being found to be selling Brexit ‘intelligence’ to China that the UK Government tried to keep this vital study secret from the public displays a spectacular arrogance and complete disregard for the British people.”

“It is clearer now more than ever that as the facts about the true impact about Brexit become more and more transparent, the British public need, and want, a final say on the terms of the final deal. The EU referendum was the start, not the end, of a democratic process. A healthy democracy doesn’t keep the public in dark while attempting to shut them out of a decision that will define Britain for generations to come. Every Whitehall revelation and public poll make the need for a ratification referendum ever more compelling.”

“Greens were the first party to support a ratification referendum with remaining a member of the EU an option on the ballot – it’s time for the Government and the Opposition to finally heed our call.”