Green MEP lambasts Government’s ‘open borders’ Brexit plan

Responding to the Government’s plans for an ‘open borders’ Brexit, Keith Taylor, the Green MEP for Kent, said:

“Astonishingly, in the face of repeated warnings from the Port of Dover, haulage firms and industry experts that leaving the EU Customs Union will turn much of Kent into a lorry park post-Brexit, Chris Grayling has decided the answer is for Britain to do anything but take back control. Instead, the Transport Secretary is proposing an open borders Brexit which would abolish border checks entirely.”

“There are many fundamental issues with the proposal but, for the sake of highlighting just two; firstly, I doubt an open borders Brexit is what many Leave supporters thought they were voting for when casting their ballot. Secondly, Chris Grayling doesn’t seem to realise Britain won’t be able to impose its ‘no checks’ policy on goods leaving the UK for the EU. The plan, therefore, doesn’t even nearly solve the issue of 30-mile tailbacks through Kent.”

“Almost two years after the referendum, the lack of any practical border solutions makes the Government’s decision to rule out Single Market and Customs Union membership look more and more absurd.”