Green MEP calls for Government to withdraw support for a fracking industry it admits won’t deliver

Keith Taylor MEP, European Chair of the Climate Parliament, is calling out the Government’s “duplicity” on fracking and urging Ministers to remove support for the “hopeless” industry.

The senior Green politician’s intervention comes amidst growing calls for the Government to publish a suppressed report which it admits will “call into question the viability of the fracking industry in the UK.” Earlier this week, a Minister for the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Department was also forced to admit that the Government has done no research on how much fracking could support gas demand, despite, at the same time, claiming shale gas is crucial for the UK’s energy system.

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, said:

“First the Government predicted England would be defaced by 4,000 shale gas wells by 2025 before downgrading that forecast to just 155 wells scarring our precious countryside. Now Ministers aren’t even confident England’s failing fracking industry has a future at all. In fact, the Tories are refusing to release the latest report on fracking’s viability precisely because they know it will reveal it isn’t just an environmental disaster but an economic no hope too – with Ministers admitting as much.”

“Yet, despite all of this, the Conservative government is steadfast in its blind ideological commitment to an industry it simultaneously claims is crucial but whose benefits are, apparently, unknowable. That is, apart from the environmental and climate impacts of fracking which are both knowable and known; the process is an ecological and climate disaster. It is time the Government embraced the notion that the evidence should dictate policymaking decisions, instead of attempting to use policymaking decisions to dictate what evidence they believe should and shouldn’t be available for scrutiny.”

“The destructive ignorance of a Conservative government ideologically, and, in some cases, literally invested fracking, despite local democracy and the overwhelming scientific consensus, has been exposed time and time again. Fracking will, at best, fail to deliver even on its own terms and, at worst, ensure Britain remains on a course to breach its legally-binding domestic and international climate obligations.”