Green MEP: ‘No surprise UK magical thinking on the Irish border will be rejected by EU27’

Responding to revelations that the UK’s ‘magical thinking’ and ‘half-baked’ proposals for the Irish border post-Brexit fail to stand up to scrutiny and are likely to be rejected by the EU27, Keith Taylor MEP, Green Party representative for the South East and a member of the European Parliament’s Peace Process Support Group, said:

“The British Government needs to stop pinning its hopes on Brexit unicorns and magical thinking; now is time for real and actual solutions to the Irish border issue. Staying in the Customs Union and Single Market is the real world solution to avoiding a hard border and upholding the integrity of the Good Friday Agreement. Peace is too important to be sacrificed on the altar of a shambolic Brexit.”

Mr. Taylor met Michel Barnier on the 20th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement to discuss the border issue.

The EU Chief Brexit Negotiator reiterated that on the Irish border question, the UK must find a solution that is acceptable to 27 EU member states by October. Without a solution, there will be no transition or post-Brexit trade deal, he confirmed.

Mr Taylor continued:

“In these most uncertain of times, we must take extra care to recognise and safeguard the Good Friday Agreement, we cannot allow Brexit fantasies to tear it asunder. The importance of protecting peace is just one of the reasons Greens are fighting to give the people of Britain and Northern Ireland a final say on any Brexit deal.”

“Ultimately, we can’t forget that Northern Irish citizens voted overwhelmingly to reject the Brexiteers’ fantasies, they must not be made to pay for them.”