Greens welcome whistleblower Directive which they helped draft

Green MEP, Keith Taylor, has welcomed a Green victory in the European Parliament, as the EU sets out a proposal for a new law to protect whistleblowers. The announcement today follows the Greens own draft proposal several months ago and pressure from a coalition of NGOs, trade unions, and journalists.

Commenting on the European Commission’s proposed Directive, the senior Green politician said:

“This is an undeniable victory for Greens in the European Parliament and a vibrant example of what the Green movement can achieve by collaborating across borders; there is no doubt that without the 52-strong Greens/EFA group there would be no EU-wide whistleblower protection. I am delighted our campaign has finally paid off.”

“Whistleblowers have been the real heroes behind and the only means by which many recent scandals have been uncovered. From the Panama Papers and Lux Leaks to Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, whistleblowers have unearthed major breaches of public trust and are driving legislative change. They deserve our support, not criminalisation.”

“We welcome the fact that both the public and private sectors will fall under the umbrella of whistleblower protection and the wide scope of the new directive. However, Greens will continue campaigning for the Commission’s proposals to go further.”

“National Parliaments and EU Member States, including the UK, must now engage constructively with these proposals; citizens across Europe are watching closely, and Governments have no excuses for supporting the cover-up of corporate and public sector wrongdoing.”