Green MEP: Latest Lords defeat means MPs must back People’s Vote

Green MEP, Keith Taylor, has called on MPs to back a People’s Vote on the terms of any Brexit deal after the Lords dealt the Government another crushing blow, voting to give the Parliament, not Ministers, the power to determine what to do if MPs reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Commenting on the vote, the senior Green politician said:

“There is an uncomfortable irony, for the government and opposition, that it is the unelected House of Lords that continues to be the strongest force for protecting British democracy from a right-wing post-Brexit power grab.”

“It is clear the Lords, removed from the machinery of day-to-day electoral politics, are putting the country’s interests before their parties’ in a way that MPs, bar a few notable exceptions, steadfastly refuse to.” 

“By voting to give effect to Parliament’s meaningful vote on the terms of any Brexit deal, Lords have offered MPs a chance to back a People’s Vote that gives the people of Britain the final say on a deal that will define their future for decades to come.”