Plastics Strategy: EU is doing while UK keeps talking, says Green MEP

Commenting on the EU’s draft Plastics Strategy, Green MEP, Keith Taylor, a member of the European Parliament’s Environment and Public Health Committee said:

“While the UK government is talking piecemeal promises, voluntary pledges and unacceptably unhurried timetables, the EU is about to take the kind of genuinely progressive action necessary if we’re ever to rid ourselves of the scourge of plastic pollution; an issue that doesn’t and can’t recognise boundaries.”

“Greens are calling for the EU’s actions to be tougher and taken more urgently but, in contrast to the UK Government’s disjointed and lackadaisical approach to the pressing crisis, the Commission’s proposals represent a collective and vitally positive step towards tackling plastic pollution across Europe.”

“The Conservatives clearly recognise the importance of EU action on plastics and were more than happy to claim credit for a plastic bag charge necessitated by an EU directive. But as Britain prepares to leave the EU, the Government must commit to not just trying to take¬†credit for EU actions but maintaining, strengthening and keeping pace with EU efforts to clear up our environment post-Brexit.”