Gove’s LATEST feeble air pollution strategy exposes post-Brexit toxic air crisis danger, say Greens

UK Green Party MEPs have slammed the UK Government’s latest ‘feeble’ air pollution strategy and warned it is a signal the ‘toxic air pollution crisis’ will only get worse post-Brexit.

Keith Taylor MEP, a member of the European Parliament’s Transport and Environment and Public Health Committees, said:

“Michael Gove’s latest, long-delayed attempt at a clean air strategy is once again dangerously inadequate. It seeks, yet again, to pass the buck to cash-strapped local authorities while ignoring the primary source of toxic air pollution: road transport.”

“Its new incarnation even sees the Government try and mask its apathy in a cloud of wood-burning smoke.”

“This latest failed strategy comes as the European Commission is being forced to take legal action against the UK because of the Government’s steadfast apathy in the face of a public health crisis that is linked to the deaths of 50,000 British citizens every year.”

“At the same time, the Tories’ have proposed a so-called environment watchdog to replace the role of the European Commission which is actually little more than a lame lapdog without the legal teeth to take the Government to court. Proving that post-Brexit, its air pollution failings is just one of many environmental issues over which Tory Government wants to escape scrutiny and oversight.”

“With a feeble air pollution strategy and no body with the legal might to enforce vital EU air pollution laws post-Brexit, the Tories will be left free to continue standing idly by while Britain chokes.”