Happy GDPR day. What does it all mean?

Today, the EU’s new data privacy law (GDPR) comes into force, as you’ll no doubt be aware from the number of emails you’ll have received on the issue. Who knew you’d signed up to so many mailing lists? Well, the probability is: you didn’t. At least not explicitly. And that’s the point. EU GDPR gives you greater control over your data and who you allow to process it on your behalf. 

Data privacy is an issue on which the Greens in the European Parliament have been fighting and the new legislation incorporates a number of Green wins. Find out more here or watch the video below 👇

The legislation is particularly important in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal. Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East, says:

“The Cambridge Analytica scandal begs an important question about the ease with which democratic processes can be hijacked in a social media age where a handful of firms control the entire virtual public sphere.”

“Following Carole Cadwalladr’s explosive exposé, there will be millions of Facebook users in the UK rightly concerned about their online privacy. The lack of answers from Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg will hardly put their minds at rest. But they can take some comfort from the new GDPR legislation introduced by the EU gives users back control of their data allow them to make properly informed choices about who they give it to and how those firms can use it.”