Food & Farming

Keith wants to give farmers a better deal and curb the power of the big supermarkets to drive down prices. He is working towards a more sustainable and equitable global food system which prioritises local and organic farming – and for reform of the EU’s controversial Common Agricultural Policy. Keith opposes the development of use of GM technology in producing food and crops, and will use his role in the European Parliament to ensure the agri-business sector is kept in check.


Draft EU baby food rules sunk by MEPs due to provisions on sugar - 20.1.2016

Keith Taylor calls on fellow Euro-MPs to help boot out excess sugar from baby food - 19.1.2016

Keith Taylor MEP: Government has a duty to seek EU help in response to floods - 8.1.2016

Statement from Keith on Government bees announcement - 23.7.2015

Keith coordinates calls for ban on foie gras in European Parliament - 26.3.2015

Letters and Replies

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In the Parliament

Parliamentary Question – infant formula and follow-on formula - 24.3.2015

Parliamentary questions – Farm animal welfare - 17.12.2014

Parliamentary questions – Wild animals and birds - 8.4.2014

Parliamentary questions – biofuels - 17.2.2014

Parliamentary questions – Health and safety in agriculture - 29.11.2011


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Speech to CAP reform event – European Parliament – 5 November 2012 - 15.11.2012

Long-term effects of plant protection products on bees: is there a risk? – European Parliament, 23rd March 2011 - 28.3.2011

To read about the work of Caroline Lucas, Green MEP for the South East from 1999 to May 2010 you can visit her archived website.