Human Rights

Defending human rights and civil liberties across the EU and further afield is a key priority for Keith. He is committed to addressing human rights abuses worldwide, promoting equality and ending discrimination. He has also challenged the UK government on potential abuses of civil liberties, including the right to protest and the right to free speech. As a member of the Parliamentary delegation to Afghanistan, Keith will have a particular influence over EU policy on human rights with respect to this country.



Keith calls on Sainsbury’s to stop supporting businesses in occupied Palestine - 21.2.2014

Keith supports Russian LGBT Activists - 7.2.2014

European Parliament calls for EU-wide action to support LGBTI equality - 4.2.2014

Keith pledges his commitment to LGBTI rights - 15.1.2014

Palestinian Sireen Khudairy released on 8 January after gravely concerning arrest made by Israeli Authorities - 8.1.2014

Letters and Replies

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In the Parliament

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