The EU


#1DayWithoutUs: vital we celebrate the massive contribution migrants make to UK - 20.2.2017

Keith Taylor MEP welcomes recent decisions by the European Parliament advancing LGBTIQA+ rights - 15.2.2017

Keith Taylor MEP: European Commission ‘final warning’ reveals the need for a new UK Clean Air Act - 15.2.2017

Green MEP warns Brexit is no escape from toxic trade deals as CETA gets the green-light - 15.2.2017

House of Lords Committee report echoes Green concerns on protecting environment post-Brexit - 14.2.2017

Letters and Replies

Is the EU about to step in where the UK has failed on ‘probably carcinogenic’ herbicide Glyphosate? - 10.3.2016

Correspondence about the European Union - 25.2.2014

In the Parliament

Parliamentary question on England’s use of European Structural and Investment Funds - 9.1.2015

Parliamentary question on Residential institutions in the EU - 9.10.2014

Parliamentary questions – European Citizens’ Initiative - 29.4.2013

Parliamentary question – Transparency register - 29.3.2013


Our Europe leaflet - 20.4.2015

Fracking briefing: Our countryside is not for shale - 3.12.2014

Greenvoice: Autumn 2013 - 25.9.2013

South East Newsletter: Spring 2013 - 10.4.2013


Speech to Palestine Solidarity Campaign Gaza Solidarity public meeting 20th July 2014 - 21.7.2014

National Pensioners Convention, South East Region – 21st March 2014 - 1.5.2014

To read about the work of Caroline Lucas, Green MEP for the South East from 1999 to May 2010 you can visit her archived website.