Instead of airport expansion, a ‘frequent flyer tax’ - October 10th, 2015
10th October – The demand for ever more air travel and new runways comes from a small minority of frequent [...]
Report confirms that EU recommendations on fracking are “shamefully inadequate” says MEP - October 8th, 2015
8th October – Reacting to a report published today on the European Commission’s recommended guidelines on fracking for shale gas [...]
Green MEPs call for EU-wide investigation into the Volkswagen emissions scandal - October 7th, 2015
7 October 2015 - The UK Green MEPs are calling on the European Commission to open a Europe-wide investigation into the fraudulent use of defeat devices, which trick car emissions testing procedures, as recently uncovered in the Volkswagen case.
Keiths supports action for Elephants and Rhinos - October 2nd, 2015
2nd October – The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos takes place in more than 1,000 cities across the world [...]
Whether the Government likes it or not, a renewable energy revolution is underway - October 1st, 2015
1st October – In response to this afternoon’s planning decision which approved Repower Balcombe’s solar farm bid, Keith Taylor Green [...]
Keith Taylor MEP reacts to Volkswagen car emissions scandal - September 25th, 2015
25th September – In the wake of the Volkswagen car emissions scandal, it was revealed that the UK, France and [...]
UK councils are investing £14 billion in fossil fuels via their pension funds - September 24th, 2015
24th September – Data released today shows UK councils have invested £14 billion of their pension funds into fossil fuels. [...]
Keith Taylor and Jean Lambert are recruiting a Senior Media and Public Relations Officer - September 18th, 2015
18th September – Keith Taylor and Jean Lambert are the Green Party Members of the European Parliament for South East [...]
UK MEPs urge Cameron to join EU response to refugee crisis - September 9th, 2015
9th September – A cross-party group of 14 British MEPs have written a letter to David Cameron urging him to [...]
Circular economy submission from Green MEPs - August 20th, 2015
20th August – UK Green MEPs – Jean Lambert, Molly Scott Cato, Keith Taylor press for ambitious proposals to reduce [...]
Tories “in bed with fracking industry”, says Green MEP - August 18th, 2015
18th August – The Government today announced the 14th round of fracking licences, granting 27 new oil and gas exploration licences [...]
Keith Taylor condemns government plans to overrule councils on fracking - August 10th, 2015
10th August – Government plans to overrule councils by fast-tracking fracking applications have been criticised by Keith Taylor, anti-fracking campaigner and [...]
Keith Taylor welcomes Lancashire fracking postponement - July 31st, 2015
31st July – A delay in the government’s fracking plans for Lancashire is good news for all of the UK [...]
Keith criticizes Cameron for lack of humanity towards the migrants in Calais - July 31st, 2015
31st July 2015 – Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for South East England writes for Comment: Britain has a responsibility [...]
EU legislation is crucial in protecting UK’s most threatened bird species - July 29th, 2015
29th July 2015 – According to new research by the RSPB, BirdLife International and Durham University, the European Union’s Birds [...]
Half a million respond to EU Commission nature review - July 24th, 2015
24th July 2015 – The total number of people urging the European Commission to maintain and enforce EU nature legislation [...]
Statement from Keith on Government bees announcement - July 23rd, 2015
23rd July 2015 – The Government has just agreed to allow farmers to plant oilseed rape seeds treated with currently [...]
Green MEP comments on expected live animal exports tonight at Ramsgate Port - July 23rd, 2015
23rd July – On hearing news from local campaign group ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports’ (Kaale) that the export of [...]
Keith welcomes outcome of key air pollution vote in Parliament’s Environment Committee - July 16th, 2015
16th July 2015 – Keith welcomed the outcome of yesterday’s vote by the European Parliament’s ‘Environment, Public Health and Food Safety’ committee [...]
Postponed fox hunting vote is a “cynical manipulation of our democracy” - July 14th, 2015
14th July 2015 – A vote planned for tomorrow in the House of Commons on Tory proposals to amend the Hunting Act [...]
Keith explains why he voted against the TTIP resolution - July 9th, 2015
9th July 2015 – Under direct pressure from its President Martin Schulz, the European Parliament yesterday adopted its recommendations on [...]
Thousands of South East residents say no to trade deal - July 8th, 2015
8th July 2015 – The European Parliament today adopted a report setting out its position on TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade [...]
Climate doesn’t allow for third runway at Heathrow - July 1st, 2015
1st July 2015 – Following the release of the Airports Commission’s final report this morning, which has recommended building a [...]
Reject new runway urge campaigners on eve of airports announcement - June 30th, 2015
Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England, and a vocal opponent of airport expansion – has coordinated a letter [...]
MEP caught up in Channel Tunnel delays calls stop to “demonisation of migrants” - June 24th, 2015
After being delayed for over 4 hours yesterday at Dover because of a Calais Port strike, Keith Taylor, Green Party [...]
Keith wins EU animal welfare award - June 18th, 2015
June 18 2015 – Eurogroup4Animals presented an awards ceremony yesterday in recognition of contributions made to animal welfare at its [...]
Good night – good train! A plea to revitalise European night trains - June 17th, 2015
June 17 2015 – Within the rail industry, over-night services have been a trademark and feature characteristic of European travel [...]
European Parliament TTIP vote postponed because of “huge public pressure” say Green MEPs - June 9th, 2015
June 9 2015 – In unusual circumstances, the planned vote in the European Parliament on TTIP tomorrow (The Transatlantic Trade [...]
Staying in the EU “guarantees a better future for UK” say Greens - June 9th, 2015
June 9 2015 With MPs scheduled to debate the EU referendum bill at second reading today in the House of [...]
Urgent action needed to prevent stray dog suffering across Europe - May 29th, 2015
29th May – Hundreds of thousands of dogs are living as strays across Europe after being abandoned or born on [...]